SCASSI works within critical sectors, offering expertise in the protection of on-board systems against malicious acts, and helping its customers to ensure the security and safety of their on-board systems.

A few examples of our projects

  • Monitored implementation of coding standards in embedded system environments
  • Definition and development of processes and methodology for the performance of SVAs (Security Vulnerability Analysis)
  • Study of the vulnerabilities, architectures, and security functions of low-level systems (DMA, IOMMU, drivers, etc.) in on-board system environments
  • Definition and assistance in the implementation of the secured configuration of security functions (firewalls, VPNs, OS and memory protection, IDS, etc.) in embedded aeronautical systems.
  • Study of the implementation of systems for the detection/prevention of intrusions (IDS/IPS) in an embedded environment: specifications, comparison of solutions, models
  • Design and development of methodological toolset – structured vulnerability and threat databases
  • Reinforcement of COTS security
  • Information security testing strategy for on-board systems/certification authorities (ARINC)
  • Robustness testing for on-board platforms and protocols