Within the information system security industry, we stand out from the crowd by offering the following compelling benefits :


An integrated vision of security

where technical tools, engineering, human behaviours and organisational processes go together.


An international presence

Agencies in Toulouse, Paris and Madrid, technical partnerships in Poland, Belgium, UK.


An impressive number of high-profile, loyal customers

Testament to our high level of expertise and commitment to quality.
  • Airbus
  • CNES
  • Assurance Maladie
  • La Banque Postale
  • MAAF
  • Rockwell Collins
  • EFS
  • AXA


PASSI RGS Qualification

SCASSI is engaged in building trust in electronic services provided by administrative authorities by carrying out security audits of their Information Systems.

The qualification covers :
  • Architecture audits
  • Source code audits
  • Organisational and physical audits
As a trusted provider, SCASSI can also conduct audits on other critieria than RGS, like interdepartmental instruction requirements.

And that's not all...


Professional associations

SCASSI is actively involved in a number of professional associations, whether as an active member or regular contributor :



SCASSI has been granted a specific support by the Région Midi-Pyrénées for its international development :


Join the team

Our company is growing continuously and we are regularly looking to expand the team.
Current vacancies :
Senior Information System Security Consultant - Paris Junior Information System Security Consultant - Paris