" With the "Optimize" offer, we will look for the best of an existing one, thus reducing the need for investment, or removing some maintenance costs. CAPLASER trusts us to optimize an existing hosting platform whose profitability depends on a rise in the level of security vis-à-vis customers, without additional cost. "



Information system is at the heart of the production tool. Garantee the highest level of protection to a company and its assets is crucial. SCASSI engineers can help you to design and operate security infrastuctures. Our objective is to efficiently support business by providing a secure and robust communication framework for applications and users.

  • Infrastucture audit
  • WINSOC - We create a business-oriented SOC
    • Business security is our main concern
    • We offer a turnkey solution, together with one of our partners
  • OPTIMIZE - We optimize your IS Security infrastructure
    • Result : increase of IS Security Return on Investment
  • Security applied to ICS and SCADA networks
    • IHM, machine tools, Historian, Modbus
  • II901 compliance : we adapt your existing solution to be standard-compliant
  • Vulnerability management

SCASSI engineers can support you on any infrastructure security related topic :

  • Access control (authentification, rights management...)
  • L2/L3 architecture (high availability, optimisation...)
  • Defense in depth, perimeter security (WAF, Proxy...)
  • Incidents monitoring and management (SIEM, logs, alerts...)
  • Laws and regulations