Thanks to their experience and expertise in EBIOS risk analysis, SCASSI worked alongside us and contributed to the success of the system for the detection of astro-aeronauticalspace objects, developed by INDRA within the context of the ESA Space Situational Awareness program.  


Area Manager – Control, IOT & Observation Stations, INDRA


Over the course of several years, SCASSI has developed considerable expertise in information security for the defence and space sectors, working both on the IT infrastructure of space or defence companies and in information security support for industrial projects.

A few examples of our projects

  • Risk analysis and technical support for the securing of space simulators
  • EBIOS risk analysis in relation to a complete system that offers services relating to the management of space objects (SSA program – Space Situational Awareness)
  • Risk analysis, definition and management of security requirements for dual-use systems (civil/military)
  • Study of the methods for securing collaborative GED/CMS-type platforms containing sensitive information and for components of ground segments or payload
  • Support program for security applications
  • Information security study and analysis relating to antivirus messaging solutions as replacements for current solutions.
  • Study of information security for networks and data centres
  • Support for ground systems accreditation
  • Technology securisation under Export Control
  • Building of homologation application files
  • Accompany towards LPM (military planning law) compliance

SCASSI is currently in the process of acquiring a PASSI Qualification, in order to offer companies operating in strategic or sensitive areas a law-compliant service.