Publié le 18 / 07 / 2014

Aeronautics and Space, sectors full of standards, certifications and secrets, are currently  on show at the Farnborough Airshow in the United Kingdom. It is an opportunity for major aircraft manufacturers to communicate about their contracts, orders and the release of new models, as is the case with the Airbus A330-Neo.

Throughout the industry, aircraft manufacturers, integrators, consultancies and others guard the secrets and protect data they use when working on an aircraft program. In effect, the development of embedded systems, whether in planes, helicopters or satellites, requires the highest level of protection and the “confidential” banner is applied to most documents. All developments, whether they be in software or materials, are subject to the highest standards in terms of security and safety. From the conception of a system through to production and delivery, the entire process is guided by these two key words “safety and security”.

A question that comes to mind therefore is does the aeronautics and space industry apply the same rigour in business processes and in large scale communication events such as Farnborough Airshow?

“At Scassi, we are convinced that security in the industrial environment is not just a question of standards and tools. People and the human factor are equally important and just as sensitive to manage”, commented Laurent Pelud, CEO of SCASSI.

There are many types of threats at these sorts of events…cyber-espionage is a reality now which all companies, large or small, must take into account. An indiscrete conversation in a taxi back to the hotel, a lost computer during a tradeshow, a stolen smartphone which contains sensitive data…so many situations which could result in considerable losses! And this phenomenon does not occur in isolated cases: according to a study by Micro-Tax, 12,000 computers are lost or stolen every week in American airports and 113 telephones are stolen every minute in the same country.

Even more alarming is the type of data contained in these devices: contact lists, passwords, connection information for applications … so many entry points into a company’s confidential information.

Faced with this reality, there are two things to take into account: be equipped with security tools (systematic encryption systems on mobile platforms and robust passwords for example). Even more importantly, make personnel aware of the risks. That’s what we do at SCASSI for our clients: via simple and fun sessions, we bring awareness of the issues of cybersecurity and the responsibility individuals hold, especially during business trips. IT security is everybody’s business.

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